Digital Marketing Trends In 2018


Digital Marketing Trends In 2018

In 2018, it’s important to stay on top according to digital marketing trends, because it’s essential for business growth and to make money. Some digital marketing trends have done very well in different industries this year. Let’s discuss them one by one…

Mobile Site Rank and Mobile Advertising

Having a mobile-friendly website is a big advantage for any business. Google recently announced a change in its index to rank mobile sites. If site optimized for mobile then it will rank on both desktop and mobile. Mobile advertising becomes essential in digital marketing because it’s a trend of mobile devices. Its expected $247.4 billion global mobile expenditures are projected to reach by 2020.

Social Media Presence

Small businesses invest more in social media because social media paid to advertise effectively in business growth, it effective in increasing revenue, promotions, lead generation, and brand awareness. If marketer grows social media presence of their business then there is a possibility of getting high traffic and good revenue because everyone uses social media nowadays. Social media paid advertising to provide a different type of ad formats that are helpful in increasing business growth. So, it’s necessary for any marketer to do social media marketing for his business growth. Facebook chatbots and one on one communication are now trending.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the latest trend in the digital marketing industry. In this marketing area, a marketer can promote their products or services through video. More than 500 million hours videos watched in a single day. People preferred to watch video content instead of reading text content. Marketers who are using video grow revenue 49% faster than other marketers.

Google My Business Page

By using Google my business page tool marketers can maintain correct information about their business. Interact with users through reviews and attract new users, it will increase search results and user trust. 90 % online users trust Google reviews.






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