Top Trends of Social Media Marketing in 2020


Top Trends of Social Media Marketing in 2020

In the era of digitalization, businesses are growing through digital marketing techniques. And social media marketing has its own importance in online advertising for businesses now. Keeping the emerging trend of social media marketing in mind, digital marketers should be aware of upcoming trends of social media marketing in 2020 to create effective social media strategies for businesses..Top Trends of Social Media Marketing in 2020

According to the stats, there are around 3.484 Billion social media users worldwide which are 45% of the total population. This number has been increased by 9% compared to the last year.

Social media is quite an accelerative platform currently on the basis of user experience. Let’s have a brief look at the top trends of social media in 2020.

1. The Emerging trend of Influencer Marketing

According to the market report, 59% of marketers will invest their budget in influencer marketing by 2020. And as stats are showing, influencer marketing will reach the market of $10 million in 2020.

Influencer marketing is the way of promoting a particular brand to a broad audience through promotion from several influencers. Majorly, there are two types of influencers who promote businesses/brands in the market.

  • Micro-Influencers
  • Macro Influencers

In this scenario of marketing, Micro-influencers target certain specific audiences which has higher engagement rate in the market. These types of influencers are beneficial for genuine responses from our audience or end-user. Micro influencers can figure out many factors from their target audience such as their interests, preferences, and trust factors, etc.

Coming to the Macro-influencers, as the term suggests macro-influencers target vast audience. So that these influencers promote your business among the huge audience. Their ultimate motive is to cover large audiences and higher conversations.

Therefore, both types of influencer marketing can give potential results with their approaches.

2. The Popularity of Stories

For the very first time, Snapchat came up with the concept of posting stories “My Story”. After this initiative of Snapchat, Instagram also launched its story feature in August 2016, and Facebook announced its story feature in March 2017.

Major benefits of using stories:

  • Cost-effective advertising method.
  • It increases the Brand Awareness.
  • Gives constant engagement with the audience.

3. Chatbots

An AI-driven software Chatbot is being used for interacting by using chat interfaces. According to the stats, some industries like healthcare, banking, healthcare, real estate, and tour & travel are getting effective benefits of chatbots.

It’s being estimated that chatbot technology will cover 80% of businesses by 2020. Currently, the number of chatbots is more than 300,000 on Facebook. Overall, the scenario of Chatbot is quite vast in the upcoming era.

4. Social Media with E-commerce

You might have noticed this trend before, as various social media sites have started allowing users to purchase the products on their site as well. As we’re seeing since a long period of time, few major search engines like, Google and Amazon are dominating the world of ecommerce business.

Now, social media started as working as an integration of the e-commerce system. For instance, Instagram store, Facebook Marketplace are playing a crucial role in this field.

5. Awe of Augmented Reality

Now AR has started dominating in the era of digital marketing for the last few years as we can notice many popular AR filters supported by Snapchat. For instance, the trend of gender-swap Lens which is remarkable this year.

Though Facebook gave a tough competition, Snapchat maintained itself along with its unique creativity and invitation.

6. Cross-Stream Messaging

As per Facebook’s statement, we may see the integration of massaging features of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram on a single platform. Facebook is all set to launch this feature in 2020.


As Facebook Watch got popularity, Instagram is also trying to push on its IGTV feature in 2020. As Snapchat accomplished good success with Discover shows in 2019, but Instagram’s IGTV couldn’t perform this much as compared to Snapchat. But now Instagram is pushing its IGTV feature for users.

8. Rise of Video Content

The statistics say that in the upcoming period, 88% of average users will prefer to spend their time on the website having video content. As per the marketers’ point of view, 83% of marketers are estimating that video content is going to rule effectively in the upcoming time.


These are a few major trends that will rule in 2020. The entire social media will take era to another level from marketers’ and users’ point of view as well. And these trends will create a new version of social media which will be beneficial for users, businesses, and marketers as well.


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