Role of Graphics Designing in Digital Marketing


In the era of digitalization, visual presentation has specific role in digital marketing. Graphics designing has become the crucial factor not in digital marketing only, it represents brands. There are number of roles of graphics designing in particular business such as designing logo, magazines, books, signage, packaging, business cards, website, brochures, banners, etc.

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Nowadays, graphics designing is playing a major role in the modern competitive environment among the brands. The creativity of graphics designing has reached at certain peak level where it directly affects the entire presentation and quality of your digital marketing ad campaign.

What is Graphics Designing?

The origin of the word ‘Graphics’ leads to the term ‘Graph’ which presenting a particular information in the visual form on the basis of respective calculation or data. Graphic Designing is the specific strategy based on number of artistic that conveys particular content or information in a disciplined way visually.

Popular Tools for Graphics Designing

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • CorelDraw
  • QuarkXPress

Role of Graphics Designing

There are certain roles and importance of graphics designing in the digital marketing industry. Here we tried to figure out a few important points as follows:

1. Graphics Build Brand Identity

Graphics represent your brand in the market and your brand’s presentation builds the Brand Identity. Graphics designing stands for creating the visual presentation that defines your brand identity through the particular logo, banner, design, etc. Every brand has its own unique logo, design that helps audience to recall the brand name as well. Therefore, graphics play an important role in building a brand identity.

2. Graphics Convey Brand’s Message

Nowadays, audience prefer visual content instead of reading text. Today’s audience have switched towards watching videos and visuals, they find visual content easier to understand and read as compared to text content. Therefore, graphics designing helps brands to create and convey the visual message to the target audience.

3. Graphics Narrate a Story

Graphics design isn’t about creating a visual message only, graphics narrate a story of particular brand to the consumers or readers. You can share the story of your brand or a particular scenario though the graphics. Graphics is the way to share a story or moment of particular product or service delivered by your brand. It shows how you’re delivering quality products or services to your happy customers.

4. Maintains Customer Trust

Nowadays, people are quite internet savvy, where everything is online and instant process of delivering the message. The craze of graphics increased when people started responding on visual creatives rather than reading texts.

5.  Increases Sales

Graphics designing is the way of presenting the products or services in-front of the target customers by particular brand. These graphics attract customers’ attention instantly by the effective visual presentation.


Graphics design has become the important part of brands currently. Brands and businesses take help of graphics to create their professional logo, visual presentation or design to define their identity. The impression made by a creative graphics can draw the entire picture of particular brand in the mind of customers.


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