Powerful Ways Of Converting Web Traffic Into Leads 2018


Powerful Ways Of Converting Web Traffic Into Leads 2018


This is not the time to convert website traffic into leads. This is waste of time. It is the time when marketers can convert their website’s visitors into leads and can generate more leads, sales, and income. More traffic to a website does not always mean more revenue unless the income model is based on display advertising. It brings the lowest per visitor compared to all the other revenue models. Let’s, discuss powerful ways of converting website traffic into leads.


  • Landing Page:

landing page


It’s not essential to have a website to show in search results, having a landing page to convert a visitor into the lead is the most active way nowadays. It’s a very effective chance to present your message to visitors. Landing page gives you one of the best benefits is that it will directly support your business goals like reaching a new niche market, promoting a new service or product, getting new customers, increasing sale and ROI. An attractive landing page has the ability to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list, provide basic information of customer like phone number, email id, make a purchase, subscribe or newsletter an many other beneficial activities.

The landing page also helpful in increasing conversions, generating data and insights, improve paid search engine campaigns, grow your mailing list.  So, if you have an attractive and eye-catching landing page, you can convert page traffic into leads.

  • Contact Number On Home Page:


home page


It is an effective and positive result driven method. By putting contact no. on the top of the homepage, it becomes easier for the visitors to ask queries directly to the marketer. It takes trust to the customers and they get impressed with the product or service of the marketer.  It would be helpful in building a good relationship with customers, You can even give more information about your business by directly talk with them. It also helps in increasing visitors’ trust and easily solve customers’ problems.

  • High- Quality Content:  


content is king


High-quality content on a website is very necessary if a marketer wants to get organic traffic on his website and organic searches then he should put a high-quality content on his website or landing page. Attractive and strong content on the website or landing page encourages the visitor to do signup. Video content or image content is more attractive rather than text content. No one has so much time to read the text content, he can only read your main points and get an idea about your business. Also, can take the decision to leverage of your business or not.


  • Conversion Forms On Website:

It’s an effective way to get more leads. Allow people to fill email newsletter, signup form and subscribe website. By this process marketers easily get details of visitors and by contacting them they can convert them into leads.


  • Video on Homepage: 

Include video on the homepage is a great way to attract visitors because today people believe and attract towards visuals, no one has the time or interest in reading the text and remember that for the long term.



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