Powerful Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Conversion


In the era of digital marketing, social media marketing is playing a crucial role in branding. But this is not so easy to build a good social media strategy for your business or any particular individual. There are some good tools to manage your social media conversions.

According to the studies, social media drives around 31.24% of overall traffic to a particular website. No doubt that social media is a great platform to drive traffic on the website and help to increase followers and maintains the online reputation by suitable social media strategies.

Social media helps to increase brand awareness and followers and through proper social media strategies, and converts these followers into potential customers and conversions.

There are several powerful tools available in the market to optimize your social media conversion. In this article, we’re describing a few tools in brief.


Your social media business account requires a well-planned and eye-catchy social media strategy. Planoly is a great tool to maintain your Instagram handle strategically. A representative and effective Instagram strategy needs thoughtful planning and expert guidance. You can schedule posts and stories on Instagram through Planoly.

Planoly offers various categorized plans for users such as Free, Solo, Duo, and Custom plans. Basically, Planoly allows 30 posts to schedule per month.

SE Ranking

Social media platforms are similar to search engines that allow searching content like search engines. Your content need to SEO optimized so that user will find your content as per your SEO strategies. To build an effective SEO strategy you need to find out the right keywords to use in your content. Using related hashtags, headings, and SEO optimized content helps your social media profile to grow.

SE Ranking helps your business find out the best-performing keywords and PPC purpose as well. SE Ranking is for generating keywords, with search volume, suggestion bidding, and rankings per month.


Lusha is a great tool to generate leads on various social media platforms. Lush help you getting contact information from various LinkedIn profiles at a click. This tool provides direct access for various recruiting agencies and managers to billions of contact information.  So that you can reach out to people directly instead of contacting them via various social media platforms.

Lush works as a browser extension with LinkedIn, Gmail, and salesforce. Here you can access contact details of LinkedIn users by clicking on the Lusha icon.


What do you prefer for measuring the effectiveness of your social media campaigns?

Finteza is just for measuring your social media campaigns easily. It provides deep analytics of your social media posts as well that helps to improve your social media profile.

Finteza enables you to access the detailed report on clicks, impressions, and CTR for the entire or individual campaign. You can track sort out the issues to track traffic quality and several matrics from Facebook, Google, etc.


Sumo is a great tool to track and drive lots of traffic to your website. Sumo gets integrated with Google Analytics that allows you to have a complete look at your blog posts and helps you understand your users’ behavior and turn them into traffic and conversion.

The social share plugin of Sumo allows you to create a button for social-sharing and makes it easy for users to share the content. Sumo helps you to improve the entire content on your website, CTA, and Email list from Content and Goggle Analytics.


Social media is dominating the world of digital marketing and online branding. These tools discussed above are the key tools to achieve an overwhelming success to grab users and conversions through social media and search engines as well. These tools focus on the top social media channels, customer engagement, and website optimization to get higher traffic.


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