How To Increase Social Media Engagements In 2019


How To Increase Social Media Engagements In 2019

Social Media builds a long-term relationship with customers, for many businesses, it becomes the best platform to build brand awareness. Businesses need to be focused on social media engagements, it builds loyalty, customer trust & authenticity. Some most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram helps businesses in getting better customer experience or social media engagements.


Social Media Engagements 2019


On Facebook, you can increase engagements through likes, comments, and shares. Facebook now becomes a big platform for businesses. Write a daily post at least three times a day which is relevant to your topic and share other’s posts. Try to post attractive images and videos, these things attract visitors effectively. Join groups related to your topic and participate in them by posting content about your topic and do comments on others posts. By this, you will get more likes and follower on your page. By seeing your page likes and followers visitors will attract more and want to see your content on regular basis. Try to understand your audiences or visitors and act quickly. Always give an instant answer on any query of the visitor. Repost your customer and follower posts. Through these methods, you will get more engagements on Facebook.

Twitter is a fast-growing social media network to get engagements. Re-tweets and followers two things will help you in getting more engagements. On Twitter, you can follow people who have similar interest and try to engage with them by re-tweet and like their tweets.

Instagram is a platform on which you will get more followers by posting attractive images. Connect your Instagram with twitter and facebook. Social media engagements always helpful in getting more traffic on your website and generating leads. Always try to engage with users with the latest trends and issues. You can do guest posting to increase social media engagements. You can also use analytic tool for monitoring level of social media engagements and websites.

5 Steps To Grab Social Media Engagements


Start Conversation With Your Audience:

Interaction with audiences or customer is a fruitful technique to increase engagements. Don’t make feel your audience that they are talking with a robot, always try to interact with them in a realistic manner. Ask questions, do comments, and try to build trust. Post content related your upcoming products/services, events, trending updates related to your industry. Use chatbots on your social media pages.

Use Videos In Your Social Posts:

Use of videos in your social media posts will be fruitful for your business because this is the time of video content. Visuals helpful in brand recognition, that helps in increasing brand awareness. According to stats, In 2018, Facebook got 8 billion video views per day. Visuals attract audiences faster than text content, try to share video content and optimize it. Make it short and informative, nobody going to spend 4 to 5 minutes on your service or products.  Try to grab the attention with a short introduction about your brand, or you can show benefits of its usage, or you can provide something useful to your followers or audiences like tips, tutorials, or tricks in your video posts. These activities engage your audiences effectively.

Hashtag (#) Marketing: 

Hashtags offer a range of services to help your business thrive. Hashtag marketing is the most popular trend on social media. Use name hashtag of your company and make it popular on all social media platforms, it will be helpful to raise your brand awareness and also encourage your followers to use it as well. Use other hashtags related to your industry, you can find hashtags through keyword research. Using popular keywords is not only the way to raise your brand awareness, but marketers should also optimize their hashtags, so audiences will not miss your social posts. Use keywords which are creative, idealistic & playful.

Be Consistent: 

Be consistent with your social media posts, Schedule your posts according to the right time of different platforms. People use social media as a customer service they found it more helpful and trustworthy when they found the regularity of businesses on their social media page. Try to make your social media page informative and attractive to engage audiences. Build a buzz around your social media page. When audiences see the comments, likes on your products or services it encourages them to do same. Consistency and right time posting on social networks found more effective and fruitful.

Choose The Right Social Influencer: 

A social influencer is the most important part of your social media marketing, make sure he is related to your business. If you have a business musical instruments then your influencer can be a singer or a musician, have the followers who have an interest in music. Make sure audiences found their personal stories, sponsored content authentic and engaging.


For 2019, Businesses should be more focused to get social media engagements and need to put more efforts to grab the attention of audiences towards their brand’s products or services.

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