How Native Mobile Apps Are More Beneficial?


How Native Mobile Apps Are More Beneficial?


What is Native App?

These types of apps are software programs which are developed to use for particular platforms or devices. Native apps are developed for a specific operating system or devices and have the ability to use device-specific software and hardware. These apps build in the specific programming language such as Java and C, Java is for Android and C is for iOS. Native apps directly installed on a mobile device and app developer create a separate app version for each mobile device. These apps can provide optimized performance and take advantage of the latest technology such as GPS.


Native apps

Main advantages of native apps are that they designed for mobile use specifically. Native mobile apps can feature more engaging, graphics and features that cannot otherwise be incorporated into a browser-based game as it would simply take too long for the page to load for an enjoyable experience. Although native mobile apps tend to be more expensive to develop, it’s no secret that there are quite literally millions of apps available for users to download for the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. With a native application, you can download it safe in the knowledge that the game has been designed to be 100% compatible with your smartphone or tablet’s hardware and native features. The flipside is that sometimes you may be prompted to download updates for your app to ensure its optimum performance, but this shouldn’t be too onerous.



Native apps VS Web apps


Ultimately, both browser-based and native gaming can be an enjoyable experience. The HTML5 technology breakthrough has improved the security of playing within browsers, while the ever-expanding storage space on smartphones and tablets allows gamers to download and store many applications without worrying too much about slowing down their device. It’s certainly a wonderful time to be a mobile gamer!


Developing Native App Is A Better Solution


       Marketers find native apps more beneficial for their business because:

  • Native apps run faster: Native apps are kept on the mobile devices so their processing speed isn’t subject to internet connection or bandwidth.
  • Security
  • Run in offline mode
  • Good integration with mobile devices
  • App store only features native mobile apps.
  • Making Money on Apps





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