How Facebook Effective In Advertising?


How Facebook Effective In Advertising?


Today we are going to discuss the Facebook advertisement and How Facebook Effective In Advertising? Paid advertising on Facebook seems to be one of the best ways of advertising. If you want to be a successful businessman in 2018, you need to promote your business on social media. According to the latest statistics, Facebook has 1.4 billion daily active users and 94% of marketers using Facebook for advertising regularly.

Formats Of Facebook Ads

  • Link Click Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Boost Page Posts Ads
  • Multi-Product Ads
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Page like Ads
  • Page Post Photo Ads
  • Page Post Video Ads
  • Page Post Text
  • Mobile Apps install Ads
  • Desktop Apps install
  • Instagram Mobile App Ads
  • Event Ads

Some Main Features Of Facebook Ads:


  • Facebook Pixel:

    Facebook pixel use to track conversions from ads. Collecting data, build targeted audiences for future ads, remarketing for those leads that have done some action on the marketer’s website.

  • Carousel Ads:

    Carousel Ads allow marketers to show multiple images and links to actions of their brands. Many brands are moving into carousel ads on Facebook.

  • Behavior:

    This feature helpful in reaching to the people who already purchase the product or perform any action on the ad. Basically, this feature provides all the information about the interested people.

  • Custom Audiences:

    This is the option of remarketing. By this feature, an ad will show to the interested users like who visit the website, customers who fill up the contact form, signed up for the newsletter.

  • Demographic: 

    This feature offers amazing demographic targeting options to marketers like Age, location, gender, language, relationship, occupation, education, life events, generation, parents and politics etc. This is very helpful in targeting the right audience.

  • Video Ads:

    Through this feature, an advertiser can create attractive video ad. Video ads are helping to attract visitors. These ads are cost-effective and impressive.


    These ad formats and features make Facebook advertising very effective in the industry.


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